Todamin Museum NFT
あまてらす鉄道 運転体験実施中!
多福院 お札
Shingon sect Chisan faction temple Tafukuin

“Spiranthes sinensis and Tendou”

If you download this “lucky amulet” and put it on standby,
you will have a feeling of good luck ...

You who are vague that good luck will not come even if you stand by.

Or, at first, lucky things happened in a row, You there who think that there is no sound at this time.

In fact, there is a way to continue to "invite" good luck.

Just reading "Senshin" every day will improve your luck. We cannot guarantee (compensation?) If it does not go up.

"Senshin" is not a "religion". To live a better life "Technology".

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